Great News! The Environment Agency has Found Evidence of Water Voles at Hazelwood

This charming riverside creature known as “Ratty” in Kenneth Grahame’s children’s story The Wind in the Willows has sadly been in decline in recent years due to loss of habitat because of water-way pollution, housing development and industrialisation. Although they used to be seen often in rivers, streams and ditches through-out the UK, water voles are now absent from most of Great Britain so this is truly fantastic news that there is evidence of them at Hazelwood Holiday Park.

Water voles play a crucial part in our river ecosystems

Their behaviour creates ideal conditions for other species to survive. A bit like beavers on a smaller scale, they burrow, feed and move around in a way which helps plants and other animals to thrive. Much work is being done by important organisations such as The Wildlife Trust to ensure the longterm restoration of the water vole population in areas where they have almost disappeared.

We have won awards for our wildlife conservation

Water voles are endangered so we are pleased that all the sustained work we have been doing to protect and enhance the natural environment in our 38 acres of parkland estate is improving the habitat for wildlife. We are proud to have been awarded a David Bellamy Gold Conservation Award.

It is quite a responsibility looking after these protected little mammals and the Environment Agency have advised us not to cut back the vegetation on the river banks – so apologies if the river looks wilder than usual this season but there is good reason!

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