Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions which we are asked a lot. If you don’t see the answer to your question then please give us a call on 01626 866273 or email us at

A Hazelwood Holiday Home is a specially designed mobile park home. It is built to residential specifications so that it is as comfortable and warm in winter as it is in summer. They feel like normal homes inside and are superior to a caravan.

Each home comes fully furnished to your specifications, sited, connected to services, and with an attractive balcony, base and steps. Prices start from £74,995 for a 2 bedroom Lodge and £117,995 for a large 3 bedroom lodge.

As every part of the home is replaceable there is no reason why it shouldn’t last for the whole of your agreement and longer.

Brand new holiday homes can be kept on the same pitch for up to 50 or 60 years. (Subject to you maintaining the home in good condition). Pre-owned holiday homes are sold with an existing agreement of a specified length which you need to check with the seller.

If you want your home to earn money or just cover it’s running costs you can enter the Buy to Let scheme. Each new lodge is sold with the scheme in place whether you want to let your home or not (it’s completely optional). Some of our customers have bought their homes purely as an investment and others just rent out their homes for the peak summer holiday weeks so that it’s annual expenses are covered. For more information have a look here.

We do not have residential planning permission. Our local council does not allow permanent residency in our holiday homes. As well as the planning and licensing restrictions on the Hazelwood Holiday Park, the Council will also miss out on the Council Tax you should be paying as a resident. If you live here you would require use of public services such as the health centres, libraries, and hospitals etc. and the Council funds these. Teignbridge District Council regularly check that Hazelwood Holiday Park and its customers are not breaking the conditions of the site licence. This document might help you understand: Advice to Holiday Home Owners.

Can I leave my holiday home to my children in my will?

We currently charge an amount of £2,883.36 per year for our standard model size and up to £3,901.44 per year for our larger models (including VAT). This includes pitch fee, standing charges (like ground maintenance, rubbish removal, insurance, etc.), and rates. The pitch fee is reviewed annually in line with the retail price index. The next review will be for annual fees starting May 2019.

For existing homes there is an annual charge for water and sewerage (reviewed every March). We supply LPG (liquid petroleum gas) from our own bulk tanks, and invoice our customers quarterly. Generally electricity is also supplied by Hazelwood Holiday Park and again billed quarterly. To spread the cost of payment you can set up a monthly standing order.

Finance is available for this type of holiday home subject to your status. Because our holiday homes are mobile homes and not made of bricks and mortar a standard mortgage is not usually available. You can, of course, remortgage your permanent residence to raise money, alternatively use a finance house.

Yes you can. The Park is laid out on an open plan basis with no fences or hedges between homes. We have a lot of wildlife here too so we ask that when you’re out and about you keep them on a lead and under control at all times. It goes without saying that you also need to pick up your dogs mess.

Yes you can. If you have a wireless enabled computer you will be able to use our third party wi-fi system in your lodge either on a ‘pay as you’ go basis or all year round. We also have free wi-fi hotspots in the Clubhouse, Pool Room and in Reception.

Of course! Each new holiday home can have the added extra of a hot tub and we can add the price to our quote depending on which model you choose. Our staff can even help you maintain it.

Each leisure home has a driveway with parking for one car. There are visitor parking areas on the Park for your guests.

Generally there is very good mobile reception especially for 02, and Orange/EE.

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