Parents to be for the New Dawlish Pairing of Black Swans

Did you know Dawlish is famous for its Black Swans? They have become part of the emblem for Dawlish and we’re very used to seeing them swimming in The Brook in the town centre. Although common in Australia the black swan is not native to Britain and over a 100 years ago a local benefactor arranged for some pairs to be bought over. Over the years they have been living happily with a few new swans brought in occasionally to keep up the numbers. In the 1970s Mr Chenery (Senior) of Hazelwood Holiday Park arranged for some new black swans to join the family in Dawlish and here in Dawlish Warren at Hazelwood Holiday Park.

Sadly things took a downturn after a bad winter just over a year ago and only male swans remained. Luckily in stepped another gracious local benefactor who arranged for two young female swans to join the boys and now we have two new mating pairs who are settling in together. It must have been love at first sight.

The locals have been on egg watch and swans Dennis and Rosie (yes, that’s their names) have laid 7 eggs! Despite the bad weather and the fact that they were laid rather earlier than normal they are still nesting and creating quite a media buzz. Last night the local news reported on the swans – link to BBC iPlayer for the Spolight episode(which expires tonight at 6.55pm – sorry). The Black Swan piece starts 17.57 minutes into the program.

What’s most exciting is that seven 3 week old fluffy cygnets could be swimming around in The Brook and delighting Dawlish visitors in time for the Easter holidays.