The Hazelwood Chalet has changed its name to Cedarwood

We all agreed it was confusing for our new customers to have an accommodation type called ‘Hazelwood Chalet’ when the Park itself is called Hazelwood Holiday Park. So, after some customer consultation, we have changed the name of the accommodation style to ‘Cedarwood Chalets’. Thanks for all the customer feed back on Facebook and Twitter.

More name changes…Oakwood Lodges

The Lodges are now going to be referred to as ‘Oakwood Lodges’. We think this simplifies everything and will make booking easier in the future.

Elmwood Chalets

We have some very loyal Elmwood and Elmwood Extra fans out there and, although we have been going through a process of converting them to Ashwood Chalets over the last few years, some will still be around a while longer. Most of the 180-189 block will be available in 2017 and, because we’re trying to make things simpler, we’re just going to call them all the same thing. In otherwords, no more ‘Elmwoods’ and ‘Elmwood Extras’ they will all just be ‘Elmwood Chalets’ with linen included in the price.